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Crown Molding & Trim Painting

Available for crown molding and trim painting in Mississauga, Ontario, our company is ready to improve the looks of such vital architectural details in all local homes. Want the trims at your office or other business painted too? No problem. Simply contact Mississauga Painters.

Moldings are often painted when the walls and ceilings are painted. They are often included in a full interior painting service. Exterior trims can be painted as well. Just like it happens with interior trims, exterior moldings are usually included in overall exterior house painting jobs.

Of course, Mississauga painters are ready to refresh or change the color of trims alone. And whether you want all or some trims painted, you can count on our team.

Let’s discuss your crown molding and trim painting Mississauga needs

Crown Molding & Trim Painting Mississauga

Find out how much the Mississauga crown molding and trim painting service will cost. That’s easy to do. You simply get in touch with our team and book a free estimate appointment. During this meeting, you don’t only learn the cost of the service but also the color options, the way the job is done, and all things related to the project. The painting contractor assigned to talk with you also checks the trims you want to be painted and offers consultation. If you are ready to discuss a trim and crown molding painting project and get a free quote, with no obligation, reach our team.

Painting trims and crown – moldings of all types

Crown moldings are usually found in most rooms. They are placed over kitchen cupboards and decorate the upper section of walls at the point where walls meet ceilings, giving the impression of a higher room. Irrespective of their material, they may get dented or even broken and often lose their edge and their color fades. Something similar happens with all moldings. And there are quite a few moldings around the house – baseboards, door casing, window casing, picture rails, chair rails. The older the house the more trims are found. And all these trims can be painted.

Want all trims painted? The crowns and baseboards painted?

Do you want all trims painted? Just the crown moldings and the baseboards painted a matching color? The doors painted along with their casing? The wall trims painted? The kitchen cabinets painted along with their crown? You can make any combination you want. Or, you can simply have all trims and moldings painted.

Before the trims are painted, their blemishes are addressed. The pros make sure all trims are free of dust and dents. They prep them as required and always with respect to the material. They take into consideration the material when it’s time to select paint coatings too. That’s to say that all moldings despite what they are made of are properly prepped and painted.

As you can see, Mississauga crown molding and trim painting experts take over all projects and are ready to serve your needs too. If it’s time to paint, repaint, or refresh trims, contact us.