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Deck Painting

Want to change the deck color? Or has your deck seen better days and now it’s time to paint it? As long as you want deck painting in Mississauga, Ontario, our company is the best choice. Why is that so? Because we have experience with such projects and all deck materials. Yes, we would all agree that most people choose wood outdoor decking. But some prefer vinyl or composite decks. And even if we talk about wooden decks, not all timber types are the same. It takes an experienced deck painter to do the job right.

The good news of the day is that now that you found Mississauga Painters, you don’t have to worry about your deck. It’ll be painted to make an impression and last for many more years.

Experts in deck painting in Mississauga

Deck Painting Mississauga

If it’s time to discuss a project that involves deck painting, Mississauga contractors are at your service. What do you have to do? Contact us. Say that you need the deck painted and schedule an appointment to learn the cost and explore the color options. We are ready to provide free estimates along with consultation with no obligation. Our job is to help the customer decide on all things regarding the deck painting job, explain the process, and provide the costs.

Not all decks are the same. Some are small, some are huge, and some are multi-level decks. Some are wooden, some are not – and as we said, this may be a pressure-treated wood deck, an ipe deck, a cedar deck – any wood type. It’s also important to mention that some decks are truly old and some truly dirty or extensively damaged. The contractor that first meets with you checks all such things to make a note of what needs to be done and be more specific when offering solutions, color ideas, finishing choices, and costs.

The process of painting a deck

When you turn to our team, you actually put your trust in the hands of pros skilled in prepping and painting a deck of any material. Every phase of the project is carried out with respect to the deck’s material and its overall condition. The usual process includes the following steps:

  •          Cleaning the deck, ensuring dust, debris, and dirt are all effectively removed.
  •          The necessary deck repairs are done because what’s the point of painting a deck that’s not stable or has protruding nails?
  •          The deck is sanded as needed to become free of blemishes and as smooth as required for the effective adhesion of the paint.
  •          Depending on the customer’s deck finishing preferences, the pros apply the primers and finishing coatings. The composite or wood deck painting job is completed.

A deck can be painted, repainted, or stained. And whether you are in need of deck repainting, staining, or painting, the pros still take all the required steps to make sure the job is long-lasting and done to your full satisfaction. In the case of painted decks, the pros scrape the surface well and sand before they paint a deck color.

Ready to breathe new life into your old deck? Choose the most experienced Mississauga painters. Choose our team for the Mississauga deck painting. Ask for a quote today.